The FRESH Philosophy

Our philosophy is to excite, inspire, impassion and lead children to reach their fullest potential, using integrative methods that build skills and character in new ways.

FRESH applies an innovative approach to learning through self-discovery, exploration, vision-building and shared input. We see each student as gifted and unique, and we help them soar by unlocking, developing and nurturing their talents and abilities. We believe learning should excite the senses. Learning is fun!

Whether fostering their relationships with leaders and peers; incorporating school-day lessons into their after-school curriculum; facilitating career-tech exploration; or developing their confidence, we engage children in a safe environment that exemplifies the highest principles and ethics. We work to ensure each child succeeds personally, learns the value of helping others and then contributes to their community with greater perspective.

At FRESH, we partner with students to help them create their own success. We believe in impacting and empowering youth to step up today so they can influence their world tomorrow.