About Us

<p><strong>About the Fresno County Office of Education</strong></p>
<p>FCOE serves nearly 195,000 students in 34 school districts and adheres to a legislative mandate to comply with state and federal laws, and remain fiscally solvent. This office supports and provides leadership for strong academic programs, career technical education and the arts. It incorporates the many levels of cognitive functioning that make up the whole of each child and strives to create a culture-rich society where children will succeed in the 21st century’s global economy.</p>
<p>Operating as an intermediary within California’s public school system, FCOE helps lay the foundation for social, emotional and academic success. It works to improve scholastic aptitude, eliminate the achievement gap and ensure sustained access to high-quality teachers. Furthermore, this office provides a safety net for special-needs children and offers services for migrant, special education, and court and community-school students.</p>
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