The Fresno County Office of Education Fresno’s Recreation, Enrichment and Scholastic Help (FRESH) after-school partnership began in 1998 to support Fresno County schools. Now, its 15th year, it is the third largest after-school consortium in California and the fifth largest consortium in the nation. FRESH serves over 130 schools and more than 30,000 students, providing a safe and enriching environment at the end of every school day until 6 pm.  Programs are aligned with the regular day and provide homework/tutorial assistance, enrichment opportunities, physical activity, and healthy snacks. Young people are provided with leadership and teamwork skills that promote resiliency and success.

FRESH applies an innovative approach to learning through self-discovery, exploration, vision-building and shared input.  Whether fostering their relationships with leaders and peers; incorporating school-day lessons into their after-school curriculum; facilitating career-tech exploration; or developing their confidence, FRESH uses integrative methods that build skills and character in new ways. This is possible thru exemplary staff development, which is provided through a partnership with CSU, Fresno. Staff training emphasizes elements of resiliency, team building strategies, and embeds California’s Common Core Standards, as well as service learning and active citizenship.

FRESH has been chosen as one of nine after-school demonstration programs in California.  In 2007, 2011 and again in 2013 the California School Boards Association awarded FRESH its Golden Bell Award in recognition for outstanding programs in education.