The FRESH Philosophy

Our belief:


We believe in the value of extended day and summer learning, because children don’t stop learning when the regular school ends.  Often, the best education takes place beyond the classroom.  FRESH Afterschool operates with the belief that:

  • Children are excited, inspired, and impassion by their natural curiosity.
  • Each student is gifted and unique.
  • Learning should excite the senses and spark more curiosity, questions and possibilities.
  • Children engage best in a safe environment that models the highest principles and ethics.
  • Children gain a greater perspective of the world when they learn the value of helping others and give back to their community.
  • When children believe in themselves and their own potential, they will succeed personally and embrace a greater future.

How FRESH creates a safe engaging environment:


It starts with finding and placing the best most qualified staff for our afterschool sites so that students have leaders and role models they can look up to.
Our site staff is then trained to:

  • Incorporate school-day lessons into the after-school curriculum, facilitate career-tech exploration, and develop students’ confidence to expand their base of knowledge.
  • Help students soar by focusing their natural ability to see the world uniquely to solve challenges and influence their peers through collaborative input.
  • Partner with students to help them confidently create their own successes.
  • Apply an innovative approach to learning through self-discovery, exploration, character, vision, and skill-building.
  • Challenge and empower youth to step up, today, so they can influence their world, tomorrow.
  • Channel the raw material of children’s natural energy and curiosity into unlocking, developing and nurturing their natural talents and abilities.
  • Challenge the assumption that kids are finished learning for the day at the sound of the last school bell.
  • Provide children with more time in a positive environment, less time to be influenced by their challenges.