The Case for Afterschool

The case for afterschool

The stories and statistics are dismal about kids getting into trouble or trouble finding them in the hours between the end of the school day and parents arriving home from work. It’s a worry for every parent. This is especially true in disadvantaged neighborhoods where parents often hold more than one job and/or work long hours with limited or less than ideal choices for affordable childcare. Add to that the idle days and weeks of summer where many kids are left to sit on a couch playing video games with “lunch” consisting of unhealthy snack foods. When classes resume in the fall, kids struggle to catch up academically. It’s enough to cause parents sleepless nights. But there is hope.  FRESH after school programs help level the “playing field” where it’s needed the +most.

Afterschool Offers Solutions to CA Education challenges

Ten years of national research confirms that well-implemented, high-quaility afterschool programs such as FRESH Afterschool, promote healthy learning and development in a safe academically enriched environment.  Plus, there are big benefits for kids who stay in those programs:

  • They improve academically, socially and emotionally and are physically healthier.
  • They demonstrate more positive attitudes, confidence and decision-making.
  • They are introduced to a world beyond themselves filled with possibilities.
  • Their attendance rates increase, achievement test scores improve, communication skills sharpen.
  • They tend to avoid drugs, alcohol and sexual activity.
  • Behavioral problems such as depression and anxiety are reduced or eliminated.

Another Benefit

Current studies show parents’ concern over their children’s health is increasing (59%) over drug use (43%) and violence (31%).  Understandable, considering that statistics show a large percentage of American’s children will battle obestiy.  After school programs like FRESH are a great option for this issue; kids learn better food choices, gain nutritional knowledge and increase their physical activity .

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